World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumers Day: What are the rights of consumers in India?

World Consumer Day is celebrated every year on 15 March. Its purpose is to make customers aware of their rights. The credit for celebrating World Consumers Day goes to US President John F. Kennedy. On March 15, 1962, while addressing the US Congress, Kennedy raised his voice on the matter of consumer rights, he raised the issue of consumers in his address to Congress.

Consumer everyone has been given some rights, but many times a consumer is not aware of it. Today, on the occasion of World Consumer Day, let us know what are the rights of the consumer-

Right to be informed
Every customer has the right to ask questions related to any product or service being purchased. The customer can ask any question related to the correctness, price, and quality standard of any product or service to the shopkeeper or seller of the product. The customer cannot be refused for providing product-related information.

Right to Safety
The customer has every right to his security. That is, no shopkeeper can sell such a thing to his customer, whose quality is bad and which causes any kind of damage to the customer. If he refuses, you can file a complaint against him.

Right to be Heard
Under this right, the customer gets the right to register his point or complaint. If the shopkeeper misbehaves with the customer or does any kind of injustice to him, then the customer can file a complaint against him in the consumer court. Right to Heard gives him the right to be heard.

Right to seek Redressal
The customer has the right to complain against any kind of problem-related to the product, as well as he has the right to get the solution in time. That is, it also includes the right of the consumer to fair disposal of genuine complaints.

Right to Consumer Education
The most important is the right of consumer education, that is, knowing about the rights of a consumer is also included in the rights of the consumer. For this, the government should run customer awareness campaigns from time to time and educate customers about their rights.

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