Witness the Spectacular Planetary Alignment of 5 Planets Today

Today i.e. in the evening of March 27, a wonderful sight will be seen in the sky. Together 5 planets will appear in a straight line today. These five planets include Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, and Mars which will be in a straight line near the Moon.

The best time to watch this sighting is just after sunset, you can see these planets if you look in the sky towards the western horizon.

The special thing is that this amazing sight is not a unique astronomical phenomenon, but a kind of optical illusion. When some planets are seen in a straight line, it is called Planetary Alignment. There are a total of 8 planets in our solar system. They all revolve around the sun. However, the speed, path, and time taken by these planets to revolve around the sun are different.

But all these planets do not revolve in a completely flat surface. Due to the difference in time, speed and path, they keep on making different combinations at different times even while moving in their orbits. Like- sometimes Mars, Venus will be seen in a straight line, sometimes 5 planets. One such alignment is going to be made on March 28, in which 5 planets will appear in a line when viewed from the Earth in the western direction.

If you look away from a bright light source, you may be able to see some planets easily without any equipment. The brightness of Jupiter, Venus, and Mars is strong, they should be visible without any problem.

Venus will be the brightest in the sky and Mars will be seen near the moon with a red glow. Mercury and Uranus can be difficult to spot, as they will be fainter. In this case, binoculars will be required. If you are really interested in astronomy, then you have a great chance to see Uranus is Saturn. which is not usually visible. You can see it just above Venus.

Let me inform you, earlier this type of incident took place in June 2022. When Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus appeared together in the sky.

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