WhatsApp to outline how its privacy updates will affect EU users

Meta’s popular chatting app is going to be easier than ever for WhatsApp users. The company has said it will be more transparent than before about any new changes in the app. The company has made efforts to improve its service in the European Union.

User will have the right to disagree
The European Commission has made it clear in one of its statements that WhatsApp will bring transparency to its terms and conditions for its users. Even now, users will have the right to reject the updates offered by the company. If any such update is brought to the users’ attention by the chat app and the user does not want to register his consent, then the user will have the option of rejecting the update.

The company will also have to take further action if the user disagrees with any new update. Even if the services related to the account of the WhatsApp user are affected by the rejection of the updates, the company will be informed about it in advance.

No third parties are given access to user data
WhatsApp has clarified that the company does not share the personal data of its users with any third party. User data is not even shared with Meta’s other companies, such as Facebook.

Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said on this subject that, he welcomes the commitment of WhatsApp, which is also linked to the rules of the European Union. WhatsApp will first alert its users in case of any change.

This shows that the company respects the consent and disagreement of its users. He further said that the customers have full right to know the service related to the platform and to express their consent and disagreement on them.

WhatsApp will be closely monitored
Apart from this, the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network will also monitor the company regarding the commitments made by WhatsApp. If the user is not alerted about any future changes or new updates by WhatsApp, then a fine can also be imposed on the company for this.

In fact, in a recent European Union study, it was revealed that many companies deal with their users in different ways. Companies use dark patterns, where subscribing to the service is very easy.

On the other hand, it is difficult to unsubscribe from the service in any case. In this episode, the first alert was sent to WhatsApp by the European Consumer Organization in January last year. It was related to WhatsApp updates.

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