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Vladimir Putin bans use of ‘foreign words’ in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned Russian officials from using ‘foreign words’. This step has been taken to promote the Russian language.

In this regard, on February 28, Vladimir Putin signed an amended law. This law will prevent government officials from using most ‘foreign words’ during their official work. Under this new law, officials will be obliged to formally use the Russian language.

The purpose of this law is to protect and support the status of the Russian language. Also, a list of foreign-based words that may still be used will be published separately.

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Under this law, if the Russian language is used as a national language, then the norms of the Russian literary language have to be followed.

A government commission shall establish a procedure for preparing and approving a list of dictionaries, reference books, and grammar books, and shall issue requirements for the compilation and publication of dictionaries. The final endorsement will be given by the cabinet.

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