US Tornado

US Tornado: Deadly Storm Devastates Midwest and South, 32 dead

At least 32 people have died due to the devastation caused by the storm moving in the direction of the northeast from the South and Midwest of America. Officials said the storm moved from the Arkansas capital to Illinois, where its impact caused the roof of a concert venue to collapse. A large number of people were present at the function venue. However, people in the area were apprehensive about the possible damage from the storm. The death toll increased on Sunday.

President Joe Biden said in a statement, “We are still assessing the devastation caused by the tornado. We know that people across America are mourning the loss of loved ones, anxiously awaiting news of the recovery of those injured in the disaster, and sorting through debris from their homes and places of business.”

Biden had earlier declared most areas of the country as disaster-affected areas and directed federal resources and financial assistance to be provided there. At least five people died in Arkansas as a result of the effects of the storm.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has already declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard to assist. There are reports of the storm causing devastation in 11 states and damage to many houses and business establishments, uprooting of trees and damage to the surrounding areas.

The National Weather Service confirmed Sunday that several homes were damaged by the tornado in Bridgeville, Delaware. Delaware State Police said a man’s body was found in a home badly damaged by the storm on Sunday night.

The storm killed nine people in one county in Tennessee, five in Indiana, and four in Illinois. Apart from this, people have also died in Alabama and Mississippi in storm-related incidents.

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