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Upcoming WhatsApp updates and features in 2023

The famous messaging app WhatsApp is enhancing the instant messaging system; users may anticipate the addition of numerous new features this year. In 2022, WhatsApp presented a few updates and highlights, including Avatars, Message Yourself, Communities, In-chat polls, 32-person video calling, bigger groups, and many others.

The following WhatsApp features will be available in 2023

1. Companion Mode:

Companion Mode
Image: Google

One of WhatsApp’s biggest complaints is that users can’t sign in with the same account on multiple phones. The upcoming Companion Mode could soon change that, by allowing users to link their existing WhatsApp account or cell phone number to additional phones. When this mode is enabled, users are not disconnected from their primary mobile device when they sign in on a different phone. Ultimately, this will unlock the ability to use WhatsApp on an Android phone and an iPhone at the same time. Since the feature is presently in beta for Android, expect a stable release within the coming months.

2. Ability to recognize text in WhatsApp Images:

Ability to recognize text in WhatsApp Images
Image: Google

One of the most significant variations the popular encrypted messaging service is planning to launch this time is the ability to recognize text in images shared through WhatsApp, allowing users to copy and paste this text. However, the messaging platform is providing only support for it, and this feature will be available to iOS16 users only.

3. Picture-in-picture (PIP) for video calls on iOS:

Picture-in-picture (PIP) for video calls on iOS
Image: Google

Users will be able to multitask and browse other apps while on a WhatsApp video call using the PIP mode. This feature is already available on Android and is expected to be available to all iOS users soon. The instant messaging platform has reportedly been testing the feature and has made it available to a small group of beta users, according to WABetaInfo.

4. WhatsApp desktop call tab:

WhatsApp desktop call tab
Image: Google

Users will be able to keep track of their call history using the real-time updated call tab on the WhatsApp applications for Windows and Mac. The feature may only be available on desktop apps and not on WhatsApp web.

5. Transfer chat without Google drive:

Transfer chat without Google drive
Image: Google

Another improvement currently being worked on is the ability to transfer WhatsApp chat history between Android phones without the use of Google Drive. Using this technologically advanced alternative, users will find it much easier to transfer their chat history from one phone to another. When it’s ready, users can transfer their chats to Android by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat transfer to Android, scanning the QR code, and then following the on-screen instructions.

6. View once text:

View once text
Image: Google

The view once text feature allows users to send a message that will be automatically deleted once read by the receiver. This feature improves the security of confidential information. This feature is only applicable to text-based messages and not to audio, video, or image-based messages.

7. Bookmark feature in disappearing chats:

Bookmark feature in disappearing chats
Image: Google

WhatsApp is working on a bookmark icon. It appears in the message bubble of the disappearing messages, indicating that they will not disappear from the chat. The feature is under development on Android. WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo said the feature would distinguish saved messages from regular messages that disappear in chat.

8. Multiple chats selection on WhatsApp desktop:

Multiple chats selection on WhatsApp desktop
Image: Google

WhatsApp is also working on the desktop version of the app, adding some quality-of-life features. Revealed at the end of 2022, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to select multiple chats at once on the desktop app, making it easy to mute them or mark them as read or unread. This feature is still being developed and will be released in a future update.

9. Security updates – 6-digit code login:

Security updates – 6-digit code login
Image: Google

WhatsApp is testing a new verification option on the Android app with a small group of beta testers. This extra layer of security requires users to enter a code when attempting to log in to WhatsApp on a secondary device via companion mode. Users can expect a public release of this feature.

10. Screenshot blocking:

Screenshot blocking
Image: Google

This feature is currently in beta testing. Users will be unable to take screenshots of the ‘view once’ video and images due to the screenshot-blocking feature. This feature allows users to enable screen recording and capturing restrictions for media that are being shared. By the beginning of 2023, all users could have access to this feature.

11. The increased time limit for deleting sent messages:

The increased time limit for deleting sent messages
Image: Google

WhatsApp intends to extend the time limit for deleting sent messages. Users can currently delete sent messages in 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds.

12. Add a message or caption when forwarding a photo or video:

Add a message or caption when forwarding a photo or video
Image: Google

One frustrating limitation of WhatsApp is that you can’t add a message when forwarding a photo or video from one chat to another. You must instead go to the chat where you forwarded it and type a message there. An update is being developed that will forward the message and media together, although you will have the option to remove the caption if you want to.

13. Voice note status:

Voice note status
Image: Google

Users can update their current status with text, images, videos, and links. A new feature that allows voice note uploads to statuses could be added in the upcoming updates. Users will be able to post for up to 30 seconds by using the microphone button, which is similar to the one currently available for voice notes on chats.

14. Screenlock for WhasApp deskop:

Screenlock for WhasApp deskop
Image: Google

The desktop application of WhatsApp does not yet have a screen lock option, but it is currently available on WhatsApp mobile. The feature is expected to be available for iOS and desktop, this year.

15. Searching messages by date:

Searching messages by date
Image: Google

WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow users to search for messages by date, according to WABetaInfo. The app tracker spotted a calendar icon where users may select a date to view messages. As per reports, the platform is reportedly testing the feature with select iOS users.

16. Dedicated video mode:

Dedicated video mode
Image: Google

A new dedicated video mode is being developed by WhatsApp on its platform. This will be different from the current mode where users must press and hold the shutter button to use WhatsApp’s built-in camera interface in order to shoot a video. There will be a separate video recording option with a dedicated button within the camera UI once the feature is rolled out with the new update.

17. Sending images in their original quality:

Sending images in their original quality
Image: Google

Considering recent app functionality, users cannot send photos in their original quality due to compression in the best quality option. This could soon change since WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that will allow users to send photos in their original resolution. The ability to send photos in their original resolution will be added in a future WhatsApp update, according to the company.

18. WhatsApp business directory:

Whatsapp business directory
Image: Google

The WhatsApp business directory, which is currently being rolled out in a few nations, will enable users to locate and connect with companies based on a variety of categories and niches, such as restaurants, supermarkets, car services, etc. However, for this to function, both existing and new WhatsApp Business accounts will have to submit their request to apply for the business directory, and only platform users will be able to locate them after that. On its official blog post, WhatsApp has also provided additional information on the business directory. In addition, companies can provide an “add to cart” function within WhatsApp.

19. Connect to WhatsApp by using a proxy:

Connect to WhatsApp by using a proxy
Image: Google

Due to government censorship guidelines, the instant messaging app WhatsApp is restricted in several nations. The app cannot be downloaded straight from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. However, the platform is introducing proxy functionality for WhatsApp users all over the world. People from countries like Iran can use the app and communicate freely and privately.

20. Ability for admins to delete unwanted messages in the group:

Ability for admins to delete unwanted messages in the group
Image: Google

This feature allows the group admin to delete group chat messages. Once the administrator has deleted the message, it will no longer be available to any member of the group.

21. Retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp:

Retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp
Image: Google

After giving users more time to delete content from chats, WhatsApp is now working on the ability to undo the deletion, although it’s currently limited to the “Delete for me” option in chats. This should help users who accidentally deleted something from their chat windows. After you delete a message, picture, or video, the “message deleted” notification includes an “undo” button to undo the deletion. The feature is currently being rolled out.

22. Reporting status updates:

Reporting status updates
Image: Google

After launching a feature that allows status updates to be displayed in the chat list. WhatsApp is now working on another feature to assist the moderation team in keeping the platform safe for all users: the ability to report a status update. Users can already report contacts and messages that violate the group’s Terms of Service, but this is not currently available for violations hidden in status updates. According to WABetaInfo, the feature to report these is currently in development and will be available at a later date.

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