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The Kerala Story producer states film ‘is not against Muslims’

The Kerala Story Producer Vipul Shah Says Film Is Not Against Muslims Or Islam: Sudipto Sen’s film, The Kerala Story, is constantly facing opposition. This film, embroiled in controversy, has been released, but the controversy is not coming to an end.

Not against community or religion
Now Vipul Shah, the producer of The Kerala Story, has reacted. He said the film does not oppose any community or religion but attacks terrorism.

Does not oppose Islam
Vipul Shah, in a conversation with, breaks his silence on the furore surrounding The Kerala Story. He emphasized, “The film is not against Muslims or Islam; it is against terrorists.”

Fngry people are praising
Vipul Shah also said, “The Kerala Story is not against any particular religion or caste. The most relieving thing is that some people were posting angry, nasty, and derogatory messages against the film. Three of them rejected the film. Apologized publicly on the same platform after watching it, now calling it a brilliant film. This is a big proof that what we were saying is right.”

Film against terrorism
About The Kerala Story, he further said, “I am sure, with time, as the atmosphere calms down, people will understand that this film is not against anyone; it is against terrorism, and we appeal to all of them. who oppose terrorism to join us in our fight.”

Box office cost
The key actors in The Kerala Story are Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani, and Sonia Balani. The film has been banned in West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh due to the controversy. On the other hand, talking about the business at the box office, The Kerala Story has earned Rs 56.86 crore in five days. Now the film is going to release overseas on May 12 as well.

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