Adah Sharma Road Accident

‘The Kerala Story’ actress Adah sharma met with an accident, was receiving death threats

Actress Adah Sharma, who came into the limelight with The Kerala Story, has met with an accident. Let me tell you, actress and director Sudipto Sen was about to go to Karimnagar to attend an event but had to cancel the tour due to a road accident.

Discussions of the recently released film ‘The Kerala Story’ are becoming common all over the world. While on the one hand, it is getting a lot of love from the people, on the other hand, some sections and political parties are also opposing it. Along with the film, the lead actress Adah Sharma is also being appreciated a lot. On the other hand, Ada was also receiving death threats. In such a situation, questions can arise due to road accident.

However, after the accident, Adah Sharma herself shared her health information with the fans. The actress took to Twitter to inform her fans that the accident was minor and that she is fine.

Adah wrote in her tweet, “I am fine guys. I am getting a lot of messages because the news of our accident is going viral on social media. The whole team, we are all fine, nothing serious, nothing major happened but thank you for your concern.”

Let me tell you, this film, which did successful business in India, has been released in more than 40 countries. The film has done a business of 135 crores at the domestic box office as well as worldwide.

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