Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine may now retaliate against Russia

Russia-Ukraine War: After 13 months, Ukraine may now retaliate against Russia

Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine’s army has withstood the fierce attacks of the Russian army for four months; now it will very soon retaliate. This was stated by the top military commander of the Ukrainian army.

He said that the Russian army continued its vicious attacks on the city of Bakhmut in the bitterly cold weather, but it could not capture the city. Now the Russian army has run out of air and has to face the Ukrainian army.

Meanwhile, the death toll in Wednesday night’s attack in Ukraine’s Rhyzhchev has risen to eight. Colonel General Oleksandr Sirsky, the top commander of the Ukrainian army, has indicated a change in Russia’s war policy after President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a strong response to Russia during a visit to the war zone.

Ukraine is trying to counterattack
Russia’s army as well as its armed organization, the Wagner Group, have made every possible effort to occupy Bakhmut during the cold weather, but now that the cold weather has passed, Ukraine is trying to counterattack.

New Zealand ex-soldier dies
Ken Te Tai (38), a former New Zealand army soldier who was helping the elderly in Ukraine, has died. His death is still being investigated. He was working with colleagues in a village in the war-torn region of eastern Ukraine for the No Duff charitable trust.

In an interview a few months ago, Ken said that he had broken up with his wife, quit his job, and sold his house and car before coming to Ukraine. He has a 12-year-old daughter. He said that he loved Ukraine and wanted to stay here.

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