Valadimir Putin

Vladimir Putin stated, ‘The war started because of Western countries’

Just 3 days before the completion of one year of the Russia-Ukraine war, on Tuesday, i.e., today, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech in the Parliament of Russia.

Putin’s speech came a day after Biden visited Ukraine. In this speech, he made several major statements regarding the war with Ukraine.

Wanted to resolve this issue peacefully

On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that his government is doing everything possible to resolve the conflict with Ukraine peacefully. We were negotiating this difficult conflict peacefully, but a very different plot was being hatched behind our backs. We defend our interests and our position that there should be no distinction between civilized and non-civilized countries.

Ukraine’s people have become Western countries’ hostages

Putin claimed that before Russia’s military operation in 2022, Kyiv held talks with the West for the supply of weapons. The West has betrayed its own people in disgrace. He said, ‘The people of Ukraine are hostages of the Kyiv regime and its Western masters, who have effectively occupied this country on political, military, and economic grounds.’

Russia is protecting the people of Donbas

Putin stated in his speech that we did everything in our power to bring peace to the Donbas region. Donbas has remained a highly sensitive area since 2014. Despite constant attacks from Ukraine, the people of Donbas held out for a year. They hoped that Russia would come to their aid. But another plot was being hatched behind our backs. Putin stated that the western countries are to blame for the war, and we are only using the army to stop it.

(The IBC NewsTV team may have changed just the report’s headline and cover image; the remaining text was created automatically from a syndicated feed.)

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