Pakistan economy crisis

Pakistan Economic Crisis: Milk price crossed Rs 200

Pakistan Economic Crisis: In the midst of economic upheaval in Pakistan, people in the country have to think even before buying things of daily use like milk, chicken, flour, and tomatoes. The situation in the country is such that inflation has reached its record high level of 48 years.

The price of milk in Pakistan has reached from 190 Pakistani rupees to 210 rupees. At the same time, the price of live broiler chicken has also increased by Rs 30-40 per kg in a week. After which now it has become Rs 480-500 per kg.

Pakistan may not have the money to buy oil, but the country has spent $1.2 billion on imports of vehicles, including luxury cars and expensive electric vehicles, in the past six months. A Pakistani newspaper has informed that despite the economic crisis in the country, expensive vehicles are being imported here indiscriminately.

Acute shortage of flour in Pakistan

Pakistan is also facing an acute shortage of wheat. Flour is not available in many places and where it is available, its prices are skyrocketing. In cities like Karachi, the price of flour has reached Rs 140-160 per kg.

Chicken food has become very expensive, the price has crossed 1000 rupees

Nowadays boneless meat is being sold for up to Rs 1000-1100 per kg in Pakistan. While normal chicken meat is now being sold at Rs 700-780 per kg instead of Rs 620 to 650 per kg.

Will have to pay 200 rupees to buy milk

There are many shopkeepers in Pakistan, selling milk to people at inflated prices. In such a situation, people have to buy milk between Rs.190 and Rs.210.

Inflation at 48-year peak in Pakistan

Inflation in Pakistan is at its highest level in 48 years. The country’s foreign exchange reserves, according to its official estimates, cover less than a month’s worth of imports. In January 2023, the consumer price index increased by 27.6 percent. The wholesale price index rose to 28.5 percent during the same period.

(The IBC NewsTV team may have changed just the report’s headline and cover image; the remaining text was created automatically from a syndicated feed.)

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