North Korea tests new underwater nuclear attack 'drone': KCNA

North Korea tests new underwater nuclear attack ‘drone’: KCNA

After conducting a missile test in the sky, North Korea has now tested an underwater attack nuclear drone. This new nuclear test has been completed under the guidance of dictator Kim Jong Un. The North’s state news agency reported the launch of a cruise missile during a weapons test and shooting rehearsal that took place from Tuesday to Thursday.

Drone remained underwater for 59 hours
North Korea claimed that a North Korean drone traveled underwater for more than 59 hours before exploding in waters off its east coast on Thursday. He did not, however, comment on the drone’s nuclear capabilities. According to local media, the drone system’s mission is to attack stealthily in enemy waters and destroy navy strike units and major operational ports.

Four cruise missiles were also fired
According to the KCNA news agency, this underwater nuclear attack drone may be deployed on any shore or port or towed from any surface vessel for operation. North Korea also confirmed shooting four cruise missiles on Wednesday to carry out tactical nuclear attack missions in a separate firing rehearsal.

1,500 to 1,800 kilometers covered
The cruise missiles were tested with test warheads as nuclear warheads and covered a range of 1,500–1,800 km. The South Korean military reported that North Korea launched four cruise missiles off its east coast on Wednesday. North Korea, on the other hand, claimed that the latest weapons test had no negative influence on neighboring countries’ security.

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