Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel-Hamas War: The war in Gaza can only be ‘stopped for short periods’, there will be no ceasefire – Netanyahu

Amid growing US pressure for a “short-term pause” in the Gaza war, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that his government will only stop its attacks on Hamas “for a short while”. Can stop for.

This announcement by the Israeli leader, who is facing international criticism due to the increasing cases of civilian deaths in Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza, appears to be an attempt to satisfy America, its most vocal supporter at the global level.

US President Joe Biden had appealed to Netanyahu during his conversation to temporarily stop the ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza to ensure the supply of humanitarian aid. So far the US has focused on preventing the fighting from escalating into a broader regional war and pressing for limited action to reduce civilian suffering, but it is supporting Israel’s goal of ending Hamas’ control of Gaza. Used to be.

The Hamas-ruled Health Ministry said the death toll in Gaza had risen to nearly 10,000. Biden, in his first talks with Netanyahu in eight days, reiterated his call for a “humanitarian pause” in the war to allow civilians to escape ongoing Israeli strikes aimed at crushing Hamas. And humanitarian aid can be supplied to thousands of needy people.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, referring to the talks between Netanyahu and Biden, said, “We believe that this is not the end of the talks but the beginning.” “So you can expect that we will continue to advocate for temporary, local-level pauses in the war.”

Hours later, Netanyahu, in an interview with ABC News, rejected the possibility of a comprehensive ceasefire, but said he could choose the option of “stopping attacks for a short period of time”.

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