Israel Hamas War

IDF unvеils concrеtе evidеncе of hamas tеrror hеadquartеrs in Al Shifa Hospital, opеration undеrway

Israeli forces found weapons and “terrorist acts” during the ongoing raid on the Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip, a senior army official said, Reuters reported. He said that while there was no conflict in the hospital after the soldiers arrived at night, there was no conflict between medical staff and patients.

He said they were in different areas of the site.

“IDF soldiers found weapons and other terrorist activities. We have seen clear evidence that Hamas terrorists have used the Shifa hospital as a base for violence in the past,” the director said but did not specify where. The power of the hospital was investigated.

Evidence will be presented later, “This is a very clear and objective operation. Our soldiers were in a special area of ​​Shifa Hospital.”

It is unclear how long the raid would last.

“Our forces are developing slowly and deliberately depending on the situation

The official said that four terrorists had died in a gunfight outside Al Shifa when Israeli soldiers sought to enter the complex. Soldiers had interrogated individuals found in the area they were searching, he said.

“As far as I know, one of those people is Hamas,” he said.

Initially, Israel said it was Hamas. They use Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, as a cover for their operations. Hamas and hospital staff have rejected this claim.

The United Nations and the Red Cross are sounding the alarm after Israeli soldiers attacked a hospital.

UN humanitarian aid chief Martin Griffiths said: “I am horrified by reports of a military attack on Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza.”The protection of newborns, patients, medical staff, and all civilians must override all other concerns. A hospital is not a battlefield.”

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