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Elon Musk’s announcement about Twitter, new feature will be available soon

Elon Musk is about to bring new updates to the Twitter app. This was announced by Elon Musk on his official Twitter account on Wednesday.

Let us tell you that in the new version of the app, users will now be able to reply to DM, which means that users will now be able to reply to any received message and not just the most recent message.

In the new version of the Twitter app, users will be able to react to DMs with a wide range of emoji, just like Instagram or WhatsApp.

Along with this, Twitter is also now coming up with Encrypted DMs 1.0, which will make DMs between users even more secure.

Musk says that the ‘acid test’ of this feature will happen when no user will be able to see his DM even after holding a gun to another user’s head.

Apart from this, another new feature is going to come in the Twitter app, which will also support voice and video chat on Twitter.
Musk said that with the rollout of this feature, users will be able to talk to people anywhere in the world without giving a number.

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