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Budget for Uttar Pradesh 2023

On Wednesday, Suresh Kumar Khanna, the finance minister for Uttar Pradesh, delivered the state budget before the legislative body. According to Khanna, the budget for 2023 will be the largest in Uttar Pradesh’s history with a focus on infrastructure.

“It will be for youth, supporting farmers, and elevating women. Infrastructure would be the main focus in order to provide additional employment prospects, the speaker declared.

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister, referred to it as “The budget of ‘New Uttar Pradesh,'” and claimed that it will “add new golden chapters in the history of social, economic, and cultural development of the state.”

According to the vision of the renowned Prime Minister, “unquestionably, this budget will serve the interests of all sector of the society including the villages, poor, farmers, youth, and women of the state.”

The objective will be to “reach a goal of making UP a $1 trillion economy,” according to Khanna.

The highlights of the Uttar Pradesh budget are as follows:

  1. For the Jhansi Link Expressway and the Chitrakoot Link Expressway, Rs 235 crores have been set aside.
  2. 2. Girls from the general category would receive Rs 600 crores under the CM Mass Marriage Scheme, while OBC girls will receive Rs 150 crores.
  1. Self Help Organizations have been suggested for Rs 83 crore to empower rural women.
  2. For help for widows in need, Rs 4032 crore have been set aside. The state is currently offering help to roughly 32.62 lakh women.
  3. A new 594 km long Ganga Highway from Meerut to Prayagraj is proposed, costing Rs 36,230 crore.
  4. 14 new medical colleges will be built with a budget of Rs. 2491 crore.
  5. The development of an industrial corridor along the motorways connecting Gorakhpur is proposed to cost Rs 200 crore.
  6. Rs 25 crore to be allocated for Pharma Parks, Rs 20 cr for establishing UP institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, and Rs 26 crore for establishing nursing colleges.
  7. It is proposed to spend Rs. 21,159 crores on building new highways and flyovers and another Rs. 6209 crores on maintaining the ones that already exist. The government has set aside Rs. 1525 crore for rural roads and Rs. 250 crores for enlarging the roads leading to sugar mills. The widening of highways linking to industrial and logistic parks will cost an additional 50 crores.
  8. According to the BJP’s Jan Lok Kalyan Sankalpa Patra, all private tube wells will receive a full exemption from the electricity tax. The same is proposed to cost Rs. 1500 crore. In the budget for 2022–2023, this was 50%.
  9. To extract and transfer electricity from solar plants, a second phase of the Green Energy Corridor of Rs 1554 crore is proposed for construction in Bundelkhand. The program is expected to be finished within the next three years.
  10. The size of the UP annual budget is Rs 6.90 lakh crore for the fiscal year 2023-24, as compared to Rs 6.15 lakh crore, the last fiscal.

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